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There is no match between England and Germany in 1998 fifa world cup.

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Q: Who scored first goal for England against Germany in the 1998 world cup?
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Who did don bradman score his first century against?

Don Bradman scored his first test century against England.

Which player scored the first ever goal for England?

The first goal ever scored by England in a FIFA World Cup was in 1950 by Stan Mortensen in the 39th minute against Chile.

Did Scotland's soccer team score the first international goal?

No, England scored the first and it was against Scotland.

Who scored the first century of the Test Cricket?

Charles Bannerman scored the first century for Australia against England on the first day of the first Test match on 15 March, 1877.

Who was first Australian batsmen to score a century against England?

Charles Bannerman was the first Australian batsman to score a century against England. It is also the first century scored in the history of test cricket.

Who scored the first 'double century' in Test Cricket?

The first double-century in a Test match was scored by Australian Billy Murdoch against England at Oval in 1884.

Who scored the first run of the first Cricket Test Match?

Charles Bannerman of the Australia scored the 'first run' of the first 'Cricket Test Match' against the England's bowler Alfred Shaw.

Who was the first cricketer to score a test century?

Charles Bannerman of Australia. He scored 165 against England.

Who scored the first goal of the 2006 world cup in gurmaney?

Philip Lahm of Germany, against Costa Rica.

Who scored the first goal and what team did he play for in the world cup 1994?

Jurgen Klinsmann, for Germany against Bolivia.

When did Sachin tendulkar scored his first century?

14th August 1990 at Old Trafford Manchester against England

Who made the first century in One Day Internationals?

Demis Amiss of England scored the first century of ODI against Australia in 1972 at Old Trafford. This was the second official ODI match. Amiss scored 103 runs for England.

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