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Geoff Hurst

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Q: Who scored a hatrick in the final of world cup?
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Who scored the hatrick in the world cup game in 1966?

Geoff Hurst of England scored a hat-trick in the 1966 fifa world cup final.

Who scored for England in the world cup 1966 final?

Geoff Hurst scored Hatrick and the wining goal at 120 minute.

Who came on as a sub and scored a hatrick in the European cup final?

roy of the rovers

Who has score a hatrick for England since 1966 world cup final?

No English footballer has ever scored a hat trick in a world cup final match after Geoff Hurst in 1966.

Who scored first hatrick in 1930 world cup?

Diego maradona

How many goals has Steven Gerrard scored in a cup final?

he scored a goal in the 2005 Champions League Final in Istanbul Scored 2 in the 2006 FA cup final Scored a hatrick in the 2012 Fa cup final hope i answered ur question :)

Who scored first hatrick in fifa world cup?

I think it was Michael of Spain in 1990.

Who scored a hatrick in the world cup final 1966?

The first hat trick to be scored in a world cup final.Was scored by the English footballer Geoff Hurst in a 3-2 win over West Germany. One goal was a controversial one as the ball did not cross the line.

Who is scored a hatrick in every English league the fa cup the league cup and his country?


Who has scored a hatrick in all divisions the league cup FA Cup and for their country?

Robert Earnshaw

Who scored the latest goal so far in the fifa 2010 world cup?

The final goal scored by by Spain in the final of the 2010 world cup.

In which year did England win there first and only world cup and who scored a hat-trick for England in that game?

they never won it but ur ma scored a hatrick

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