Who scored Toronto fc first goal?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Danny Dichio May 12,2007 at the 24:00

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Q: Who scored Toronto fc first goal?
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Who scored the first ever Finn Harps FC GOAL?

The Great Tommy Curley

How many goals scored by mikel obi at Chelsea fc?

He has scored no goal for Chelsea to date.

Who scored fc barcelonas 5000 the fifth league goal?


Who scored a goal fraserburgh fc yesterday?

Jonathan garden and Alan hale

What players are the won who scored on the match real Madrid vs Barcelona?

Ronaldo scored 2 goals, Varane scored 1 goal. These were for Real Madrid. Jordi Alba scored the only goal that FC Barcelona made

Who scored the winning goal for Kilmarnock FC in the 2011 2012 season Scottish League Cup final against Celtic FC?

Dean Shiels

When was Toronto FC created?

Toronto FC was created in 2006.

Who has played in Goal for Newcastle FC and scored for Man Utd?

Alan wilson, oliver sturrock . milan shergill

Who scored the goal for Dundee FC when they beat Celtic in the 1973 Scottish League Cup Final?

Gordon Wallace

Which corner kick did Chelsea FC use to score their only goal in UEFA's champions league final 2012?

It was Chelsea's first corner kick of the match which came very late in regulation; the goal was scored by Drogba.

Who scored the winning goal for the away team at home but wasn't an own goal?

some player for motherwell FC this season against gretna who were groundsharing with motherwell

When was Toronto FC Reserves created?

Toronto FC Reserves was created in 2007.