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Just fontaine a french soccer legend, i think

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Q: Who scored 1000 soccer goals 1969?
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When did Pele scored his 1000 goal?

He scored his 1000 goal in November 19, 1969 and which stadium you ask it is in Rio de Janeiro's Maracan Stadium.

How many goal's has Kenny Dalglish scored?

In his career as a striker (1969-1990), he totally scored 366 goals (1968-1977: 167 goals for Celtic; 1977-1990: 169 goals for Liverpool; and 30 goals for the national team - Scotland

Who has scored the most goals for rochdale AFC?

Reg Jenkins, who was a vital part of the magical 1969 promotion season

Which team scored the most goals in the English First Division between the seasons 1960-61 and 1969-70?

I reckon it was Tottenham Hotspur with829 goals.

Which 3 teams did Kenny Dalglish play for?

Well it wasn't 3 it was 2. He played for Celtic to 1969 - 1977 and scored 112 goals for them. And 204 apprences. And then he played for Liverpool to 1977 - 1990 and scored 118 goals in 355 apprences. Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes.

Who are the ligue 1 all time top scorers?

The all time top goal scorer in Ligue 1 is Delio Onnis, who played from 1971-1986 for Monaco. He scored 299 goals and averaged 0.66 goals a game in Ligue 1. Number two is Bernard Lacombe. He played for both Lyon and Bordeaux from 1969-1987. He scored 255 goals and averaged just over half a goal a game. Third is Herve Revelli who scored 216 goals for Saint-Etienne from 1965-1978. He averaged 0.55 goals a game. In fourth place is Thadee Cisowski for Paris. He scored 206 goals from 1947-1961 and averaged 0.72 goals a game. And in fifth place is Roger Piantoni who played for Stade Reims from 1950-1966. He scored 203 goals with an average of 0.52 goals a game.

What is a major sport in 1969?


When did maradona start playing soccer?


When was the soccer war Honduras?

14 July 1969- 18 July 1969

When was the soccer war in Honduras?

14 July 1969- 18 July 1969

What is the most goals scored in one game by the Vancouver canucks in the 1969-1970 whl season?

The Canucks are an NHL franchise. They never played in the WHL which is a Major Junior league (part of the CHL).

What is the most number of goals Chelsea have scored against Queens Park Rangers?

As of November 2011, Chelsea's greatest number of goals scored against Queens Park Rangers in competition is 4, achieved twice, first in Division One in a 0 - 4 victory, and secondly, the following season, in the 1969-70 FA Cup, where Chelsea won 2 - 4.

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