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Q: Who score the most points in a euroleague game?
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Who scored the most points in euroleague history?

Marcus Brown ,2693 points

Who score the most points in the NBA basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlain 100 points.

What player score the most points in a big east game?

Eric Murdock

What NBA legend holds the record for most points in a game and how much did he score?

wilt chamberlain 100 points.

What the most point that can be scored in a football game?

if your talking on a single score, its 6 points. in a game for a final score, it is infinante but usaully never over 100.

What is the most common basketball used for a basketball game?

nba : spalding euroleague: molten. i personally prefer molten

What is the objective of a basketball game?

To get the most points by making baskets Also you have to prevent the opposing team from making baskets.

What is the object of the game of basketball?

Score as many points as you can, and preventing the other team from scoring. And have the most points after all four quarters.

Which NBA team holds the record for highest score in a regular game what was the score?

Detroit Pistons 186 (most points by one team) Denver Nuggets 184 (most points by a losing team) 3 0T

Who scored the most points in Scrabble?

In 2011, Kevon Andonian, who is from Newport Beach, California got the highest score of 1326 points in one game.

Who holds the record for most points scored in one nba game?

Wilt Chamberlain with 100 points. Kobe Bryant has also score 80.

The Fighting Illini set the school record for most points scored in a game vs LSU in 1988 How many points did they score?

127 127