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The sophomore midfielder set the NCAA record for the fastest goal scored in a collegiate women's soccer game netting the first goal just four seconds into the match.

and in world cup history....... hakan sukur (turkey) scores the fastest goal ever in the 2002 world cup (11 seconds)

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Q: Who score the fastest goal?
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Who was the player to score the fastest goal for Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has scored Manchester United's fastest goal ever, scored in 15 seconds against Southampton in November 1995.

Who scored the first fastest goal in worldcup history?

Hakan Sukur scored the fastest goal in world cup history. From the kickoff, it took him 11 seconds to score. (He played for Team Turkey)

Who scored the fastest goal in the German bundesliga history?

Giovanne Elber and Ulf Kirsten. Both needed 11 seconds to score a goal

Who is the first to score goal in world cup football 2010 as captain?

It was Steven Gerrard of England in the 4th minute the fastest.

How do you score a goal when d goalkeeper is out of the box?

how do you score a goal when the goal keeper is out of the box?

Who score the fastest goal in world cup2010?

The fastest goals were scored by Tomas Muller in 3 minutes, Steven Gerrard 4 minutes and Assamo Gyan in 5 minutes.

Fastest goal in a Hockey game?

The fastest goal in a hockey game is 25 seconds .

What positions can not score in netball?

Only Goal Attack and Goal Shooter CAN score a goal. So Wing Attack, Goal Keeper, Wing Defence, Centre, Goal Defence CAN'T score a goal.

What is get a goal in soccer?

a goal in soccer is to "score a goal"

Can a keeper score a goal?

A goal keeper has all the privileges of his team-mates and may score a goal.

Can a goal keeper score a goal from a punt?

A goal keeper punt may score a goal. There are no restrictions on this in the FIFA Laws of the Game.

How do you score a goal in hockey?

get the puck into the goal

To get a goal in soccer is called what?

to score a goal.....

What is called to get a goal in soccer?

to score a goal.....

How fast was the fastest Goal In The Premiership?

the fastest goal scored in the premiership is 1 second by conor harding

Will Germany score a goal agents Spain?

Germany failed to score a goal verses spain. Puyol scored a goal.

What is the fastest score in a NCAA football game?

The fastest score in the NCAA would be 113-0. This is a football game.

Can a wing attack score goals?

No, only the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can score goals.

Where on a lacrosse court can a player score a goal?

A player can score a goal anywhere on the lacrosse field.

What is the goal of hockey?

to defend your goal and to score on the other teams goal

What is own goal?

where u score a goal in your net

Can a goal keeper score a goal from his position?

Of course.

Who scored the fastest goal in an all Ireland Gaelic final?

Fastest goal all Ireland football final

What was the fastest goal scored in the opening game in the history of the FIFA World Cup?

The fastest goal was by Germany! XD

How do you score net ball game?

you can score a goal in netball when either goal attack or goal defence shoots the netball into the hoop.