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yusuf pathan

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Q: Who score maximum run in an over in cricket world cup?
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Does a super over happen in a cricket world cup?

Super over happens when both the teams have same score.

Who was the first bowler to bowl the maiden over in the history of Test Cricket?

who did the maximum maiden over in test cricket history

What is the highest score by a team in 50 over game of cricket?

443 by srilanka

Who has taken maximum wickets in a over in a cricket match?

Rangana Herath(srilanka)

Was there a cricketer who scored more than 36 runs in a cricket over?

technically no, as the batter can only score a maximum of 36 runs, no more. any other runs would have to be obtained through the bowler bowling a no ball. this being added to the batters score for the over, but not actually scored by the batter himself.

Who won the last Cricket World Cup for 50 Over Cricket?


What are the three main types of cricket played in the world?

There are limited over cricket, test match cricket and one day cricket

How projected score is calculated for a cricket match?

by current over how many overs match current runs

How many cricket centuries in t2 cricket?

none, as you can only score 66, (6 sixes in the first over, a single to get you back on strike, and 5 sixes)

How many countries play the game cricket?

There are more then 100 countries all over the world were cricket is played according to the Laws of Cricket.

How come on webkinz world if your score gets over the maximum amount of money how come the can't give you that money?

cuz they r so annoying. i always wonder too

Who took over 100 minutes to score none in cricket test in 1999?

As soon as you take up position at the crease, your score in "none" = it takes less than a second.

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