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Peter beardsley Nick Barmby(possibly)

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Q: Who score for both teams in a mersyside derby?
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Can both teams score in ice hockey?

Yes, both teams can score.

What's a score draw?

A draw happens when both teams end the game on equal points.A no score draw happens when neither side scores any points at all.A score draw happens when both teams score points but they both score the same amount of points.

What is the average score in nhl fantasy drafts?

There is no score in the draft but both teams usually score about ten goals.

What was the highest score by both basketball teams together?


In pro football playoff overtime do both teams get a chance to score?


What is an overeating?

it is an operating expense such as gas, electricity or rent

What is arsenals biggest derby?

Traditionally Tottenham but in recent years the Man United games have been much more important to both teams.

How do you tie in hockey?

Both teams would have to have the same score when the time runs out in either the game or overtime.

What is the average total score for a college football game?

It depends on how good the teams playing are, but I've seen a few games that both teams scored several times each. There is really no correct answer to that, but if the teams are both really good, the score could be as high as 60 to 56 or possibly even more. basketball teams generally have much higher numbers of points, because they score more. Not necessarily so when it comes to baseball. And wrestling doen't keep score at all. So to answer your question, no, they don't.

Does a super over happen in a cricket world cup?

Super over happens when both the teams have same score.

Is the Kentucky Derby for girl horses boy horses or both?

both i won once in the derby

Was there ever a player to score for both teams in one game?

2003 Larry Fitzgerald scored for both his and his opponents team against the Oakland raiders