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Boom, sung by Anastasia.

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Q: Who sang the official FIFA World Cup song 1998?
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Who are write the theme song of 2010 FIFA World Cup?

K'naan sang Waving Flag and Shakira sang Waka-Waka.

Which singer sang the theme song of FIFA world cup 2010?

It was the Columbian singer Shakira.

Who is going to sing the theme song of world cup 2010?

2010 fifa world cup already finished !! and theres is more than one song ..... shakira sang ''waka waka " and Acon sang '' oh Africa " and theres is a song for fifa 10 " waving flag '' its amazing i sugest u listen to it if u watched fifa world cup live on tv then u ofcource herd it !! sorry ..... i don't know the singer :(

Who sang deeper underground in 1998?

jamiroquai sang this song.

When was Lik Sang created?

Lik Sang was created in 1998.

Who sang Ray of Light?

Madonna wrote and sang "Ray of Light" she released the single in 1998.

Who sang Imagine?

Tamia, in 1998

When did 'Sang Linggo nAPO Sila end?

'Sang Linggo nAPO Sila ended on 1998-11-28.

Who sang the official song of the Rajasthan royals team?

Its Ila Arun..

Who sang Till the World Ends?

britney spears sang it.

Which Disney princess sang a part of your world?

Ariel from the little mermaid sang part of your world