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Q: Who said life is like a football game you need to hit the line hard?
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What should I wear to a middle school football game?

wear anyhting like jeans and a casual shirt how hard is that?

What city was football first played in?

Hard to answer, since football as we know it evolved over several years on several Ivy League campuses. The game that today is considered the first intercollegiate football game (although it looked more like soccer than the game we know) was played in New Brunswick, N.J., in 1869, in a game between Rutgers and Princeton. So I suppose you could consider that the site of the first football game.,

Why do people like NFL Football?

for hard hits

What was a football game first like?


What is a word that means the same as overcome i am looking for a word that represents how hard i work and how i push through pain like in football and lifting and in life?


What is frosh football?

i guess it is like a pre game

What was life like on a hulk?

life was hard there

What was life like in 1638 in Delaware?

Life was hard

How do you write versus for football game?

You write it like this: Vs.

Do 40pounds football boots the cheap ones like the T90s or Mercurals improve your game?

all the football boots like the t90s and the mercurials do not improve your game at all. they are total CRAP.

What is flicker ball?

A game. It is like a combination of football and basketball. You use a football, and try to score in the hoop.

What was life like for the soldiers in World War 1?

it was hard it was hard it was hard