Who said champions are made not born?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Scotty Kessler in his "Champions Manifesto". -College Football coach

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Q: Who said champions are made not born?
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Are champions born or made?


Why do you say champions are born not made?

It is said so, as chmpions show their traits since their childhood and tend to move to their interests,to give their best. That's how we have got, an Indian established cricketer-SACHIN TENDULKAR, born within......

When was stand up for the champions by right said Fred released?

Stand Up (For the Champions) was released on July 8, 2002.

Are all boxing champions born or made?

Neither. Nobody is the same while others can argue a point there is no correct answer to this question.

When did Ryan Giggs make his champions league debut?

Ryan Giggs made his Champions League debut in 1991 - 92season.

Why are project champions said to be better equipped to handle the non-traditional aspects of leadership?

Champions usually think out of the box, so they always have new and innovative ideas.

How many football matches Raul Gonzalez appeared in the champions league?

Raul Gonzalez has made 141 appearances in the Champions league. He made these appearances for Real Madrid and Schalke.

What are some motivational sports sayings?

"do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" John Wooden "Champions are not born, they are made" "Competition is good for everyone and keeps you from settling for mediocrity."

Who has made the most appearances in the champions league?

Ryan Giggs...?

What are some good Winner's Songs for Sports?

We are the champions and born for this

How much did Chelsea have in champions league 2012?

I think you mean their prize money. Chelsea made approximately 46m in prize money after winning champions league.

What is the ECC in soccer?

The ECC in soccer refers to the European Champions Cup, which is now known as the UEFA Champions League. It is made from the best football teams in Europe