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T.I in the movie Takers

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Q: Who said I'll put 3 holes in ya head like a bowling ball big boy?
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What object has greater density a balloon or a bowling ball?

There's going to be a greater density in the bowling ball, because its ALOT heavier and isn't hallow like the balloon.

Where can one have a King Pin bowling ball printed?

The question is hard to understand, but one could most likely have a bowling ball printed at the Kingpin bowling alley in St. Peter's. However, other companies exist that will print custom bowling balls like bowlerstore.

How do you swing a cricket ball without any shine like wasim akram?

by bowling a new ball in dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How could you carry out a demonstration on Earth of a feather falling at the same rate of a bowling ball?

You will need to add weight to the feather. That's like asking to demonstrate the that of a helium filled balloon and a bowling ball.

Why do they put their head out of holes?

they do not like darke places

What does bowled mean?

Bowling is called bowling because you have a bowling ball and the way that most people knock the pins over they bowl them over kind of like if you are in a busy shopping centre you might bowl over a little kid. that's my theory

What first basketball used to play basketball was a?

It was a heavy ball, Kinda like our today "Bowling Ball" It was slighty lighter to allow the ball to enter the hoop.

Can a pitching machine work as a bowling machine i.e would the ball bounce like a bowling machine or not?

No the machine is made to hold up to 2 pounds

What shape of a sphere look like?

Think of any ball you have ever held in your hand. A baseball, a softball, a tennis ball, a bowling ball - those are all spheres.

Where can men's bowling shoes be purchased?

Men's bowling shoes cannot be purchased at just any shoe store. They can be bought online (Amazon) or at your local bowling alley outfitter (together with a new ball if you like).

What will you need during a bowling game?

it depends if your bowling for fun theyll have everything you need at your local bowling allyif your bowling for competition you might want to consider buying a bowling ball (straight ball instead of a ball with hook if you are a beginner). and if you know you will bowl alot and in a lot of tournaments and leagues you might want to buy your own set of bowling shoes.the only other thing you would need would be a towel for your ball or balls, ball cleaner, and rosin (stuff you put on your hands to get better grip).hope that helps-Smart-most things you need are at the alley already like shoes and a ball but i recomend getting your own shoes because the shoes there are constantly being used. (you can also bring a rag or powder but you don't really need it)

What oil should you use on your bowling ball?

You don't want to oil a ball. It'll skid around on the lane and you won't score as well as you would like.