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Larry Csonka with 1117 yards and Mercury Morris with 1000 even.

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Q: Who rushed for a thousand yards for Miami Dolphins in 1972?
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Were there ever two NFL running backs for the same team that ever rushed for a thousand yards in the same season?

As of the 2008 season, that has occurred three times: 1972 Miami Dolphins: Larry Csonka, 1117 yards and Mercury Morris, 1000 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers: Franco Harris, 1128 yards and Rocky Bleier, 1036 1985 Cleveland Browns: Kevin Mack, 1104 yards and Earnest Byner, 1002

How many yards did Tom Brady throw for in week 1 vs the dolphins?

517 yards. Week 1 2011 Season vs Miami Dolphins.

Who led the Miami Dolphins in rushing in 2001?

Lamar Smith with 968 yards.

Average penalties for the Miami Dolphins in 1972?

In the 1972 regular season, the Dolphins were charged with 69 penalties counting for 714 yards. That is an average of 5 penalties for 51 yards a game.

Who is the quarterback that won two super bowls passing for less than 100 yards and lost one super bowl passing for more than 100 yards?

Bob Griese of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI and Griese had 134 passing yards. The Dolphins won Super Bowl VII with Griese passing for 88 yards and Super Bowl VIII when Griese had 73 passing yards. It should be noted that Griese threw only 11 passes (completing 8) in Super Bowl VII and only 7 passes (completing 6) in Super Bowl VIII. The Dolphins rushed for 184 yards in SB VII and 196 yards in SB VIII.

How many total rushing yards does Dan Marino have?

Dan Marino is credited with 87 rushing yards and 9 rushing TDs during his career.

Who has thrown for the most yards in one NFL regular season game?

john Moreno from the Miami dolphins

Which running back lead the NFL in rushing in 2002?

Ricky Williams of the Miami Dolphins with 1853 yards.

What is the combined total of yards rushed by both teams in Super Bowl XLII?

The Giants rushed for 91 yards and the Patriots rushed for 45 yards for a combined total of 136 rushing yards.

Who is the Miami Dolphins single season rushing leader?

Ricky Williams with 1853 rushing yards in the 2002 season.

Who rushed for most yards in one season in college football?

Ben Hayes in 1921 rushed for 3,928 yards.

Who was the last Pittsburgh Steeler to throw for ninety yards or more in a game?

Ben Roethlisberger threw for 220 yards against the Miami Dolphins on January 3, 2010.