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They all run 400m depending on where they get the handoff

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Q: Who runs the most in a 4x400 relay?
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What is your 4X400 Medley relay time?

There is no such thing as 4x400 medley relay swimming event.

How many relay races are there?

4x100 4x200 4x400

Who won the women's 4x400 meter relay at Beijing?


Who is the fastest 4x400 relay team in the world?

Mason Road P.s. is the fastest relay team. They always win!

How long is the relay for life track?

4x400 meter go fast be the best

What does it mean if your the 3rd leg in your 4X400 relay?

It means you are the third person to run in the race

What is the high school record for the 4x400 relay race?

3.07 set in Austin in 1985.

What relays are ran in track and field?

usually the 400 relay (also known as the 4x100), 800 relay (4x200), mile relay (4x400), and the 2 mile relay (4x800)

How many meters do a 4X400 meter relay runner have to pass the baton?

Every 400 meters.

Who holds the high school boys 4x400 relay national record?

Hawthorne high school

Where was Cathy Freeman first olympic games?

1992 Games in Barcelona.She competed in the 400 meter run and the 4x400 meter relay events. She did not qualify for the finals of the 400 meter run and she finished 7th with the Australian team in the 4x400 meter relay.

How many medals did akabusi and regis win?

Kriss Akabusi won three Olympic medals ... a silver in men's 4x400 meter relay at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and a bronze in 400 meter hurdles and bronze in 4x400 meter relay at the 1992 Games in Barcelona. John Regis won two Olympic medals ... a silver in men's 4x100 meter relay at the 1988 Games in Seoul and bronze in 4x400 meter relay at the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

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