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The Prime Minister is the head of the Russian government and the President is the head of the Russian state.

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Demitry Medvedev is the presedent of Russia. I share same last name as him

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Q: Who runs the Russian government?
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When did South Russian Government end?

South Russian Government ended in 1920.

When was South Russian Government created?

South Russian Government was created in 1920.

What and where is the headquarters of the Russian government?

The headquarters of the Russian government is the Kremlin, fortress, in Moscow.

When was Russian Soviet Government Bureau created?

Russian Soviet Government Bureau was created in 1919.

When did Russian Soviet Government Bureau end?

Russian Soviet Government Bureau ended in 1921.

Who was the leader of the Russian government in 1917 December?

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the Russian government in December 1917.

Which demographic group have the Russian government banned from child adoption?

The Russian Government has banned Americans from adopting Russian children. This is due to several instances of American families abusing their adopted Russian children.

Where Russian government meets?

The kremlin

Where does the Russian government meet?

the kremlin

Who was responsible for the pogroms?

The Russian government

Is a ninja Chinese?

No, they are Russian government

What is the name of the Russian government?