Who run the world?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Everyone, but no one. You see, the whole world system is designed so that no one can make an act of major change without major support. You may have ideas, and your friends have the same idea but the rest of the world won't let you unless you have more than just your friends want to change something in the way the government, law, or international law, etc. Works. Anyway, the people who really run the world is not a shadow government as most theorist claim, this is because to have a power over any other authority, they need to announce themselves, countries need to agree to create such a council, and to send funds, authority, and representatives. And by the way how people are being so greedy, small nations may be left out which will then tell the rest of the world, leading to protests, riots, and revolution. Anyway, the people who really run the world are the Massive Alliance of corporations, they can control supply and demand and even affect government rulings and law. This sounds like that shadow government right? Sort of, but they are allowed to reign due to several reasons, the first one being: They (The Corp) are richer than most of the nations in the world. Two: the American democracy has no limits on wealth, creating a wealth gap that the Corporation likes because it keep the consumers in need of their products. Thus preventing the people to make their own businesses and create competition. Three: Having all that money means you have a lot of influence in congress, you can use your wealth to get more power, more power equals more money and so it goes on and on until you have more power than most governments. Four: That massive wealth enables them to put gag orders and dismiss complaints or lawsuits by the people that would cost them millions. However they don't claim they own the world, they do not have a leading face, in other worlds they own and run the world but do not directly control it. They simply rule the world by economically means. They do not have political power to make decisions without bribes, they only can use their wealth to delay or pass a law early so it's in their favor after or before the law. Lets go back to the start with you, you can't do anything being middle class. But if you make protest and make a petition with thousands of people. The government (Providing Bribes didn't happen) could pass a law for higher taxes on the rich, effectively cutting down their wealth. Overall, the real enemy is not a shadow, but the enemy hidden in plain sight.

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Q: Who run the world?
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