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It was retired in honor of Jordan. That's why Michaels Jordans Jersey hangs in there arena

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Q: Who retired number 23 with the Miami Heat?
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Did the NBA retire Michael Jordans number?

The number 23 has been retired in honor of Michael Jordan by the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. While Jordan never played for the Heat, his number was honored by Miami by General Manager Pat Riley. The Washington Wizards, for whom Jordan played in 2001-2003, have unofficially retired his number and have not reissued it since Jordan wore it for his final game.

Is the number 23 retired in the nba?

no . remember lebron james wore the number 23. he decided to give the number up and wear the number 6 on the heat out of respect

Is the number 23 a retired number in Washington wizards?


Why did Michael Jordan get 45 instead of 23 when he rejoined the Bulls?

When he retired the first time he also retired the number 23. So when he came back the number 23 was retired so he wore 45. Later he wore number 23 and paid a fine to wear it.

What number did Michael Jordan retired?


What number is LeBron James in the best basketball player?

LeBron James was number 23 until he got traded to the Miami Heat, he changed it to number 6.

How old is the Miami Heat?

The Miami HEAT were founded in the year 1988, making the franchise 23 years old as of the year 2011.

What is Jake Marisnick's number on the Miami Marlins?

Jake Marisnick is number 23 on the Miami Marlins.

What is Mike Gillislee's number on the Miami Dolphins?

Mike Gillislee is number 23 on the Miami Dolphins.

Is Michael Jordan's jersey number retired?


Who has or is the number 23 on Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan used to be # 23 and his number is no one has it right now...I think.

Who is the new number 23 player of Chicago Bulls?

No one is because they retired the number 23 on the Bulls. So no one on the Chicago Bulls can have that number.

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