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The Olympics have always taken part but it was only in Greece for hundreds of years

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Who restarted the ancient Olympics?
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Why did the ancient Olympics become the modern Olympics?

They didn't. The modern Olympics was restarted in the late 1800's and not directly linked to the ancient Olympics at all.

When did the Olympics restarted?

The Olympics restarted in Athens in 1896

When did the restarted modern Olympic?

They restarted the olympics in 1894

Why were the modern day Olympics restarted?


Who restarted the modern Olympics?

Evangelos Zappas

Who restarted the Olympics?

A French name Barron Pierre Decouberton

What year did the Olympics restarted?

They were revived in 1896 by Baron De Coubertin.

Why were the Olympics restarted?

The revived tradition of the Olympic games as an idea was restarted in France by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Coubertin promoted the importance of the Olympics for athleticism in young people. The first game was held in Athens in 1896.

How frequent were the Olympics in ancient Greece?

the games just came out as a festival to honour Zeus. Since it was such a success the Games started being held every four years but stopped in 393 AD. However, it was restarted as modern Olympics in 1896

How did the ancient Olympics honor Zeus?

The Ancient Greek Olympics

What are facts about the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics began in 776 BC

What did they wear in running in the Ancient Olympics?

In the Ancient Olympics the competitors were nude.

Why did the ancient Olympics begin?

they ancient Olympics begun to honor their gods

Why did the ancient Greeks have the Olympics?

Ancient Greeks had the Olympics to honor Zeus.

How many events were at the ancient Olympics?

There were 9 events at the ancient olympics

What is the connection Ancient Greece and the Olympics?

The Olympics is an Ancient Greek festival.

What did they hope to achieve when they restarted the Olympics?

World piece and hoping they would all come together

How are ancient Olympics different to modern Olympics?

ones ancient ones modern

Who were the ancient Olympics athletes?

The athletes of the ancient Olympics were young Greek men.

When was the first ancient Olympics held and where?

the first ancient Olympics where head in grease

What type of clothes did they wear in the ancient Olympics?

They wore NO CLOTHES at the Ancient Olympics!! .

What did ancient Greeks use for swimming in the Olympics?

They didn't do swimming in the ancient Olympics.

What is the difference between the ceremonies in the ancient and modern Olympics?

Ancient Olympics were only hosted in Olympia

How often were the ancient Olympics they held?

ancient Olympics were held every 4 years

Did some ancient Olympics feature different races?

when was the last ancient olympics held