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Q: Who replaced Sean Fitzpatrick as All Black Capitan?
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Hu is the highest capped all black?

Sean fitzpatrick. 92 tests

When was Sean Fitzpatrick born?

Sean Fitzpatrick was born on 1963-06-04.

When was Sean Kevin Fitzpatrick born?

Sean Kevin Fitzpatrick was born on September 28, 1941, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Who was the captain of the All Blacks in 1995?

Sean Fitzpatrick.

Is Sean fitzpatrick rugby player married?


Who is New Zealand's most capped Rugby player?

Sean Fitzpatrick

Does Sean fitzpatrick have kids?

Yes, two girls, Grace and Eva

Who was the Captain of the all blacks at the 1995 world cup?

Sean Fitzpatrick.

Who was the All Blacks captain at the 1995 Rugby World Cup?

sean fitzpatrick

Who was captain of New Zealand all blacks in 1997?

Sean fitzpatrick/Justin marshall

1995 banned springbok?

Springbok prop, Johan Le Roux, missed the 1995 season after being banned for biting the ear of All Black captain, Sean Fitzpatrick in 1994.

Why did Sean Fitzpatrick become famous?

Sean Fitzpatrick played hooker for the All Blacks and as captain famously lead them to their 1st series win against the Sprinboks in South Africa.He was also involved in a notorious incident during a test match in Wellington in 1994 when he had his ear bitten by springbok prop Johan La Roux.