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Q: Who remembers the fan screaming Go BJ Go at Maple Leaf Gardens when Borje Salming was on the ice?
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Who injured borje salming?

gerard gallant

Who wore number 21 after borje salming?

Borje Salming wore number 21 for the Toronto Mapleleafs. However, he left the team in 1989 and his number 21 was taken by a future NHL star named Sean McKenna.

Along with Borje Salming who led the influx of 'foreign' players for the leafs?

Inge Hammarstrom

Who influenced Mats Sundin to play hockey?

It was first swede ever to become good borje salming he knew him

Who was the first foreign player to play in the NHL?

The first foreign player to play in the NHL was Pius Suter. He made his debut in the 2020-2021 season with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Which players were on the Team NHL All-Stars in 1976-77?

The First Team All-Stars in 1976/77 were: Ken Dryden(MTL), Larry Robinson(MTL), Borje Salming(TOR), Marcel Dionne (LA), Guy Lafleur(MTL),and Steve Shutt(MTL).

Montreal players on the 1st Team NHL All-Stars in 1976-77?

Montreal Canadiens starters in the 1977 All Star Game were Ken Dryden, Larry Robinson, Guy Lafleur, and Steve Shutt. The other two starters were Marcel Dionne of the Kings and Borje Salming of the Maple Leafs.

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What is the area of Borje pri Mlinšah?

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76-77 NHL 1st all-star team?

RW--Guy Lafleur (Montreal) LW-- Steve Shutt (Montreal) D--Larry Robinson (Montreal) G--Ken Dryden (Montreal) D--Borje Salming (Toronto) C--Marcel Dionne (Los Angeles) (Montreal's Guy Lapointe also made the 2nd Team All-Star as a defenceman)

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