Who refs the games in netball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Women or men can ref the Netball games and they are called umpires.

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Q: Who refs the games in netball?
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Is there 2 refs in netball?

yes but they are called umpires

Is there netball in the olympic games?

No, unfortunately there is no netball in the olypmic games.

Is netball in the Beijing Olympics?

No, netball is not an event at the Games in Beijing.

Is netball in the 2008 Olympics?

Netball is not in the Beijing Olympic Games.

Which team won gold in netball at the Commonwealth Games?

Australia won the Netball competition at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Who won the last commonwealth games for netball?

Newzealand came first netball

Is netball in the London games 2012?

nope netball is not classified an Olympic sport

Is netball played in the Olympics?

Netball is in the Commonwealth Games but not the Olympic Games. It is the highest female participation sport in the world though.

What countries will play in the Olympics netball?

There is no netball in the Olympics. Only in the Common Wealth Games.

Has Australia Ever Won a Commonwealth Games' Netball Gold?

Yes, Australia has won the gold medal for netball at the Commonwealth Games. Netball was first included in the Commonwealth Games in 1998. Australia won the netball Gold at these games. They also won in 2002. New Zealand won in 2006, and Australia again won gold in the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

In England how many people play netball?

It is the same for everywhere. You have 7 people on the court playing for one team at a time... 14 all together + 2 refs and a time keeper.

Why at soccer games does the crowd whistle like birds when they are about to win?

its to imitate the refs whistle