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Sachin tendulakar of India has scored the highest number of centurys in internatiaonal cricket he has scored 99 centurys 48 in odis 51 in tests

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Q: Who records the highest number of centuries in international cricket?
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Which of the following records was not held by Sachin in 2003?

Highest Number of Centuries in Tests

When did Cricket Records end?

Cricket Records ended in 1968.

When was Cricket Records created?

Cricket Records was created on 1953-05-25.

What is Sachin Tendulkar achievements?

Sachin is considered as the most successful cricket batsman of all times. He holds the records for Most runs in Test Matches, Most runs in One Day Internationals, Most centuries for a single batsman etc. He has been playing international cricket for India for nearly 2 decades.

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What is the highest opening partnership in ODI cricket?

286 runs Upul Tharanga & Sanath Jayasuriya against Top England in Leeds. Check the top 10 list here<a href="">Partnership ODI records</a>

Who is the best crickter in the world?

Only a few would doubt the excellency of Sachin Tendulkar in cricket. He is the best cricketer of the world. He holds most records in cricket . These including maximum runs in both forms of cricket, maximum centuries in both forms of cricket. Not only this, he is the only player to score 200 runs in an innings in one-day cricket.

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Who holds the records for highest score by Indian in international t20 innings?

Suresh Raina scored 101 in 60 balls.

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