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darrell green

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โˆ™ 2009-10-24 18:23:33
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Q: Who ran fastest Top 10 100 yard dash NFL?
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What is the nfl combines fastest 40 yard dash time?

The fastest NFL Combine 40 yard dash time is 4.06 seconds by Ted Ginn Jr.

What is the fastest NFL 40 yard dash?

Chris Johnson at the 2008 NFL combine ran the 40-Yard Dash in 4.24

Who holds the record for the fastest 40 yard dash electronically timed in the NFL?

The NFL's fastest official 40 yard dash time was 4.25 seconds by cornerback Fabian Washington.

Who runs the 40 yard dash fastest?

As in NFL It has to be Chris Johnson

Who runs the fastest forty yard dash in the NFL?

Chris Johnson. 4.24.

Fastest NFL combine speed?

The fastest speed at the NFL combine was Chris Johnson when he ran a 4.24 in the forty yard dash

Who is the fastest defensive back in the NFL of all time?

Deion Sanders holds the title as the fastest with a recorded 4.21 40 yard dash in the 1989 NFL Combine. Unofficial and unconfirmed reports like Ike Taylor as the fastest cornerback with a 4.18 40 yard dash. Currently the fastest active NFL player with an official time is Stanford Routt with a 4.25 40 yard dash in the 2005 NFL Combine.

Who has the fastest 40 yard dash?

The fastest NFL 40 yard dash ever at the combine (rookie evaluation) was Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans. He ran 4.24 in 2008

Who ran the fastest 40 yard dash in the NFL in 2006?

Reggie Bush. 4.32

Who's the fastest player in the NFL?

Chris Johnson 4.24 in 40 yard Dash.

Who in the nfl ran the fastest 40 yard dash?

Chris Johnson, who ran a 4.24

What was the fastest 40 yard dash time at the 2010 NFL football combine?


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