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Devin Hester

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Q: Who ran a faster 40 Bo Jackson or Devin Hester?
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Is Devin Hester faster than Reggie Bush?

yes devin Hester is faster than reggie bush in the 40yard dash devin ran 3.9 and reggie ran 4.3

Who's faster Reggie bush or Devin Hester?

Devin Hester ran a 3.9 sec 40 yd dash, and reggie ran a 4.33 40 yd. dash. Devin is a little faster than reggie.

Who is faster out of Devin Hester or Randy Moss?

Randy Moss in his prime was faster than Devin Hester. Randy Moss ran a 4.25 40 yard dash in his prime.

Devin hesters 40 time?

Devin Hester ran a 4.27.

What is the fastest forty yard dash time ran by a football player?

Devin Hester 4.01

Who is the faster chris Johnson or devin Hester?

According to their respective pre-draft testing, Johnson ran the 40 in 4.24 seconds while Hester ran a "slow" 4.35. They're both pretty fast! Chris is faster but devin actually runz 4.27 he told reporters he slowed down @ the end so he isn't slow but compared to Chris he ain't the same speed jus by 3 miliseconds

What Chicago Bear great ran six kickoffs back for touchdowns over seven seasons?

Devin Hester

What Chicago Bears great ran 6 kickoffs for touchdowns over 7 seasons?

that would be devin hester

Who is the fastest football player in 2007?

the fastest football player in 2007 is Randy Moss and Devin Hester who both ran a 4'.3 40

Who's faster Devin Hester or DeAngelo Hall?

DeAngelo Hall, a cornerback currently playing for the Atlanta Falcons, ran a 4.30 second 40 yard dash.Deion Sanders, ran a 4.23 there were rumors he ran a 4.19 after that.Randy Moss, a wide receiver currently playing for the New England Patriots, ran a 4.25 second 40 yard dash.[3] Moss currently holds the rookie TD reception record with 17 and the single-season TD reception record with 23.Devin Hester ran a disappointing 4.45 40 at the 2006 NFL Scouting Combine, but is now considered one of the best kick returners in NFL history and holds numerous return recordsby 40 times ran Hester is 15 hundredths slower than hall.

Who is faster deion sanders or desean Jackson?

Deion Sanders is faster than Desean jackson at the NFL Combine Deion ran faster than Desean

Who ran fastest Top 10 40 yard dash nfl?

i can't name the top 10 fastest players but right now it's devin Hester he's so fast bo Jackson is the fastest of all time also chris Johnson

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