Who plays shelby marx?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: Who plays shelby marx?
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What actress plays shelby marx in iCarly?

Victoria Justice

Does shelby marx have a boyfriend?

she my do but the only person who can answer is shelby marx!

Does Freddie like Shelby Marx?

Yes Freddie dose like Shelby Marx.

What is the schedule for all the screenings of ifight shelby marx?

The i fight shelby marx has already happened.

When was IFight Shelby Marx created?

IFight Shelby Marx was created on 2009-08-08.

Did Victoria Justice act in iCarly?

Yes she played Shelby Marx in iFight Shelby Marx.

Who wins in ifight shelby marx?

no one, it's just a fake fight but then shelby marx got mad by Carly pushing her grandmother down. Nevel did that. So in the fight, shelby marx was talking real.

Where do you watch ifight shelby marx?

go to icarly.fight shelby marks

Who can iCarly beat?

Shelby Marx

What is Shelby Marx of iCarly age?


What happens in iFight Shelby Marx?

Carly had said that she can fight shelby marx anytime anywhere so shelby didn't get mad and at the press conference the news put on the T.V that Carly takeld shelby's grandma and now shelby wants to destroy Carly's face!

What is an icarly episode where Carly has a fight with someone in the arena?

That episode is called iFight Shelby Marx. It guest stars Victoria Justice as Shelby Marx.