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Marco Belinelli,Carlos Boozer,Jimmy Butler,Daequan Cook, Luol Deng,Taj Gibson, Richard Hamilton,Kirk Hinrich,Nazr Mohammed,Joahkim Noah,Vladimir Radmonovic,Nate Robinson,Derrick Rose,Marquis Teague,Malcom Thomas

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Charles Oakley

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Q: Who plays on Chicago Bulls basketball team?
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What team has derrick rose?

he plays for the jazz

Does Chicago have a basketball team?

Chicago bulls

What is the professional basketball team in Chicago?

the Chicago bulls

What basketball team is in Chicago?

Nba= bulls

What is pa famous basketball team?

chicago bulls

What was the best basketball team in 1990?

Chicago bulls

What was Michael Jordan's Basketball team?

Chicago Bulls

Which basketball team does Bruno mars like?

chicago bulls and lakers

What position does Taj Gibson play?

taj gibson is number 22 power forward for the chicago bulls nba basketball team

What city is the home city for The Bulls basketball team?


What is the name of Illinois's NBA basketball team?

The Chicago Bulls.

What are some sports attractions found in the city of Chicago?

Chicago bulls (basketball team)