Who plays number 7 for England?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Q: Who plays number 7 for England?
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Who plays number 7 Newcastle?

Joey Barton play number 7 and plays midfield

Who plays number 3 for England?

Ashley cole

Who plays at number 4 in the England world cup team?

Steven Gerrard the captain of England wears the jersey number 4.

What is David Beckham's England number?

it is 7

What is the number on Gerrard's back when he plays for England?

Normally 8 or 10

Who plays number ten in the England football team?

Wayne Rooney

What shirt number is Ashley cole?

When he plays for Chelsea it is 3,and when he plays for England it is 3 as well! Bye!

What number shirt did Stanley matthews wear for England?

Number 7

What number does David Beckham wear for England?


What number does Ashley Young were for England?

i think it is 7

What number is john terry when he plays football?

26 for Chelsea and 6 for England

What number is Chris Smalling for Manchester United?

Chris Smalling plays as a Defender for England.