Who plays left back for Spain?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Alvaro Arbeloa

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Q: Who plays left back for Spain?
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For what club does David Silva play?

As of June 2014, David Silva plays for Manchester City, a club in England.

Who plays left back for Manchester united?

Usually Patrice Evra.

How is better than messi at football?

Mack reed who plays left back and plays for peebles football club

Is carlos salcido in fifa 10?

Yes he plays for PSV at Left Back

Who is Manchester uniteds left back?

Currently, the first choice left back is Patrice Evra. Fabio also plays at left back, so does Rafael on occasions. Rafael and Fabio play on both sides, but first choice for left back is Patrice Evra.

Who left Spain in 1492?

Columbus left Spain on his first voyage of discovery.

Who is Ashley cole?

Ashley cole is a footballer who plays for Chelsea and plays left back Ashley Cole is the greatst left back to ever play the game of football. He scores more than almost any other defender. He is simply the best.

When was United Left - Spain - created?

United Left - Spain - was created in 1986-04.

What does Marcelo get to on FIFA 12?

Marcelo plays left back for Real Madrid in FIFA 12

Who is Clark Robertson?

Clark Robertson is a Scottish professional footballer who currently plays as a left back for Blackpool.

Is Ronaldo in Portugal or Spain?

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays for Real Madrid in Spain, but he is from Portugal and plays for the Portugeuse national team.

What ocean did Columbus cross after he left Spain?

which ocean did columbus cross after he left spain