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Romain Amalfitano currently wears the number 17 shirt at Newcastle United.

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Currently the number 32 shirt is worn by French striker Wesley Ngo Baheng.

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Q: Who plays in the number 17 shirt for Newcastle United?
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Who has played for Newcastle United in the number nine shirt?

The following players have played at Newcastle United wearing the number 9 shirt ;Alan ShearerPapiss Cissé ( Currently playing for Newcastle United )

Who wears shirt 18 for Newcastle united?


Michael Owen shirt number at Newcastle?

It was number 10.

What does Javier Hernandez have on the back of his shirt?

Javier Hernandez wears the number 14 shirt and plays for Manchester United.

What number is Micheal Owen for Manchester united?

7 by Sean English His no.1 fan

Why are there seahorses in the Newcastle United badge?

Because of Newcastle's links with the sea the castle is the link the Norman keep the black and white shield the link to their shirt

What was Alan Shearer's squad number?

Alan Shearer usually wore the number 9 shirt for Newcastle, Blackburn, Southampton and England.

What is Dexter McCluster's number?

He plays with the number 22 shirt

Who plays sport with 8 on their shirt?

Thousands of people play with number 8 on their shirt.

What is Anders Lindegaard's shirt number?

Since joining Manchester United in 2010, Anders Lindegaard's shirt number has been 34.

What number does fabregas wear?

Fabregas plays for Barcelona and wears the number 4 shirt.

What was jasper olsens shirt number at Manchester United?