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Sun Belt conference champions and a team from Conference USA.

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Q: Who plays in the New Orleans bowl every year?
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Who is playing this year in the Super Bowl?

2010: The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are playing in this year's super bowl.

The Saints played in the Super Bowl what year?

2010 will be the first year the New Orleans Saints played in the Super Bowl.

What teams are in the Super Bowl this year?

The New Orleans Saints, and The Indianapolis Colts.

Who got ball first in the Super Bowl this year?

The New Orleans Saints

What team won the Super Bowl in the year 2010?

The New Orleans Saints

When were the college football bowl games started?

Below are some of the bowl games played and the year they started: Rose Bowl: 1902, but then there was a 13 year break. The game started being played every year in 1916. Orange Bowl: 1935 Sugar Bowl: 1935 Cotton Bowl: 1937 Fiesta Bowl: 1971 Sun Bowl: 1935 Gator Bowl: 1946 Liberty Bowl: 1959 Independence Bowl: 1976 Outback Bowl: 1986 Holiday Bowl: 1978

Which Super Bowl is being held this year?

it is Super Bowl XLIV (44) and the two teams are the New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts.

How much did the New Orleans Saints players get paid for the Super Bowl victory last year?


Which team is home team in new Orleans Super Bowl?

The home team designation for the Super Bowl alternates each year. As a result, the representative of the National Football Conference -- the San Francisco 49ers -- will serve as the home team for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Is the super bowl televised?

Every year, dude.

Will the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl in 2010?

Im sure they will get to the playoffs they have some competition this year!

Is there a Super Bowl every year?

Yes. The NFL, for the time being until they see fit otherwise, schedules the Super Bowl for the first Sunday in February.