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Q: Who plays in the German football team?
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Who is Germany's soccer team captain?

The current German football captain is Philipp Lahm, who plays his club football for Bayern Munich.

What country does Micheal ballack play for?

Michael Ballack plays for the German national football team.

2002 German football team captain name?

The captain of the German football team was Oliver Kahn.

Who was the captain of the German football team in 2014?

Phillip Lahm was the captain of the German football team in 2014

What is the best German football team?

The 1974 West German team was the best.

What team does robben play for?

The dutch player Arjen robben plays his club football with the German club bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Where does the football team schalke?

It is a German football club.

Which football team plays at stamford bridge?

The Chelsea Football Team!!!

Who is the captian of the German football team?

The current captain for the German National Football Team is Philipp Lahm who also captains his club team, FC Bayern Munich.

Name the German Football team in the 1998 world cup?

The German national football team (German: Die deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft) is the football team representing the country of Germany in international competition since 1908. Hope this helps.

Who plays better in the rain a running football team or a passing football team?

passing team has the advantage

Who plays for the German football team?

They are Neur, Butt, Klose, Philip Lham, m. ozil, sami Khedira, Podloski, Michael Ballack are few of them.

What sport does Mario Gotze play?

Mario Gotze is a professional football (soccer) player. He plays for FC Bayern Munich and the German national team.

Who is the German football manager?

The manager of the German team is Jechim leow.

What football team does neymar play for?

when neymar plays international, he plays for Brazil.In 2013, he switched to the football team Barcelona to play with messi

What is the name for the football team that plays in Ohio?

The name for the Ohio football team is the Ohio Buckeyes.

Does a team have three tries to make a first down in football?

In the Canadian Football League, a team has three plays to make a first down. In the National Football League, a team has four plays to make a first down.

What colour is the German football team wearing?

The first choice for the German team is white jerseys and black shorts.

What is the shirt color of German football team?

The shirt or jersey colours for the German team is white with black shorts.

What is the division that WVU football team plays in?

The WVU, West Virginia University, football team plays in NCAA Division I-FBS. West Virginia University Football plays in the Big 12 conference. The University mascot is the Mountaineer.

Who are cheats in Power Soccer?

That would be Germany's Football team. No, sorry, I'm not calling it "soccer." You play Football with your FOOT, get it, your FOOT not your hands! Ever watch the comedy "Shaolin Soccer?" I think the German team plays like Team Evil. Just an observation. [[User:|]]stardingo747

Which football teams play in Wisconsin?

The football team that plays in Wisconsin is known as The Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin does not have a football team in the National Football League.

Who are the Real Madrid football team?

a team who plays in Spain

What English football team plays football in Scotland?

Berwick Rangers

What football team does Luka Modric play for?

Luka Modric plays for two different football, or American soccer, teams. He plays for Real Madrid Football Club, as well as the Croatian national team.