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the first premier league gme in 2009-2010 is fulham -liverpool

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Q: Who plays in first premier league game 2009 2010?
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Who were the Kenya premier league winners in 2009?

The Kenya premier league champions in 2009 were Sofapaka.

Was the winner of the English Premier League in 2009?

Manchester United was the winner of the English Premier League in 2009.

When was NLA Premier League created?

NLA Premier League was created in 2009.

When was American Premier League created?

American Premier League was created in 2009.

What date is the first premier league football match for 2009-10?

Saturday 15th August 2009

When was Karnataka Premier League created?

Karnataka Premier League was created in 2009-08.

When was Premier Women Football League created?

Premier Women Football League was created in 2009.

When did Dance Premier League end?

Dance Premier League ended on 2009-12-26.

When was Dance Premier League created?

Dance Premier League was created on 2009-10-09.

When does the 2009 1010 premier league season start?

The new premier league starts in the middle of August.

Who scored the first goal English premier league 2009?

The first goal scored in the 2009-10 English Premier League season was by Stephen Hunt (Hull City) vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on the 15th August 2009. He scored in the 27th minute on his competitve debut.

When does English Premier League 2008-2009 start?

Saturday 16th August 2008 from premier league site