Who plays for man u?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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JI sun park, rooney,ronaldo,scholes,tevis

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Q: Who plays for man u?
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Which team does ronaldhino play for?

manchaster united well of courseRonaldhino has never played for Man U. You may be thinking of Cristiano Ronaldo; who was sold by Man U. to Real Madrid this summer. Ronaldhino currently plays for AC Milan in the Italian Serie A. he plays for ac milan of course u noobs

Which team plays football best?

fu man u are goona rule anyone you get me anyone

What team did park ji sung played for?

park ji sung plays for man u

What football team plays home games in Wellington?

use dont know anything man every question i asked u u dont know thick heads

In alien vs predator what is the name of the man who plays the predator and does he live in Newcastle?

I don't think her lives in Newcastle im looking for who plays it now. i`ll get back 2 u.

What team does Cristiano Ronaldo play for in fifa 09?

This is a no brainer. Man U M an U MAN U MAN U MAN U rONALDO WHAT A GOAL!!!! go AS ROMA Barcelona

How will Man U do?

man u will beat chealsea

What happens to the first man a women sees on valentine's day?

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Who will win Ac Milan or Man U?

man u

Are man you the best?

MAN U ROCK are the best team ever some people think Liverpool are but if they have seen the league man u are always coming on top! yeah Liverpool have sometimes beaten man u but never thrashed man u the highest they have ever beaten man u is 4-1 but man u have beaten Liverpool 6-0 before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a girl x

When was If U Were My Man created?

If U Were My Man was created on 2001-07-08.

Who plays harmonica in piano man?

Billy Joel plays the harmonica as well as the piano in Piano man.