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Q: Who plays Amber Copeland in Home and Away?
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Who plays Freya on Home and Away?

Sophie Hensser plays Freya on "Home and Away."

Who plays Gina on Home And Away?

Sonia Todd plays the role of Gina Austin in "Home and Away"

Who plays Ruby in Home and Away?

The person who plays Ruby in home and away is called Rebecca Breeds! She is 24 years old but looks about 17!

Who plays angelo in home and away?

Luke Jacobz

Who plays Rabbit from home and away?

Mitzi Ruhlmann

Who plays aprill in home and away?

Rihannon Fish

Who is tessa James?

she plays Nicole Franklin on home and away

Who plays Angelo off home and away?

luke jacobz

Who plays Ruby Buckton in Home and Away?

Rebecca Breeds

Who plays Annie Campbell in Home and Away?

Charlotte Best

Who plays charlie buckton in home and away?

Esther Anderson

Who plays Roman in the TV Soap Home Away?

Conrad Coleby