Who played the third super bowl?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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The Jets played and beat the Colts

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Q: Who played the third super bowl?
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What year was the third Super Bowl?

The third Super Bowl (SB III) was played January 12, 1969.

Who did the Giants played in their third Super Bowl?

The New York Giants' third Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXV. They lost to the Baltimore Ravens 34-7.

What city was the third super bowl played in?


What was the third Super Bowl the Pittsburgh Steelers played in?

The third Super Bowl for the Steelers was Super Bowl XIII. The Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys on January 21, 1979, by the score of 35-31.

Was Super Bowl 4 the first Super Bowl?

No, it was not. Super Bowl 1 was the first Super Bowl, although at the time it was played it was referred to as the AFL-NFL World Championship game. The term "Super Bowl" wasn't officially adopted until the third game, following the merger of the two leagues.

Who lost The Third Super Bowl?

The Baltimore Colts lost the third Super Bowl to the New York Jets.

Where was the third Super Bowl?

Orange Bowl in Miami

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers win their third Super Bowl?

The Steelers won their third Super Bowl on January 21, 1979. They defeated the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 in Super Bowl XIII.

Which Super Bowl was played in 2009?

Super Bowl 43

Where was the 1970 Super Bowl played?

Super Bowl IV, or the Super Bowl in 1970, was played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Where was the Super Bowl played in 1987?

Super Bowl XXI was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in 1987.

When Jim brown played in the Super Bowl what was the score?

Jim Brown never played in the Super Bowl. He had already retired before the first Super Bowl was played.