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Q: Who played the most top flight football games in England?
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Are Pop Warner Football games played on Saturday?

Sunday in New England.

How many football games has david beckham played for England?

109, setting the record for an out-field player.

Who has played football for Scotland and cricket for England?

Ian Botham Dennis Law Sir Ian Botham has never played international football for Scotland.... Denis Law never played cricket for England Andy Goram played both football and cricket for Scotland but never cricket for England. He also played football in England for Oldham Athletic, Notts County, Sheffield Utd, Coventry City and played 2 games for Manchester Utd in 2001 whilst on loan

How many games football games has England won?

about 100

National game for England?

England's national games are Football, Cricket and Rugby. But people mainly associate England with Football

Why do Americans call American football football when it is an English sport?

There are a number of forms of football which share common origins. American Football is one of a group of modern football games codified in the 19th century. The other modern codes include Australian Rules football (1859), Canadian Football (1861), Association Football (1863), Rugby Union Football (1871), Gaelic Football (1888) and Rugby Union Football (1895). These games were influenced directly or indirectly by football games played in Public schools in England notably Rugby School football (1845) and Cambridge Rules Football (1848). All these games can trace their origins back to ball games called Football traditionally played at Shrovetide in England. Similar games played under different names were also played in Scotland (Ba game), Wales (Cnapan), Cornwall (Hyrlan) Ireland (Caid) and Northern France (La Soule).

How many football games has England lost?


What is national games of england?

Football (soccer) and cricket.

How many regular season football games where played in 1984?

How regular season football games were played in 1984.

WHo has played Test Cricket and Football for England?

Phil Neville Reginald ("Tip") Erskine Foster who is also the only man ever to have captained England at both games.

Is football played in the Commonwealth Games?


What is capping in English football?

you get a cap for each game you get. Example David Beckham has 115 caps for England so he has played 115 games for England. just so you don't get confused caps are not objects they are just a nickname for how many games you have played. :-)

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