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Q: Who played sidra in love and basketball?
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Who played Quincy in love and basketball?

Glenndon Chatman played little Quincy in the 2000 movie, Love and Basketball.

What was monicas number in love and basketball?

Kyla Pratt played the role of young Monica in the movie, Love and Basketball.

What is q's mother name in love and basketball?

Debbi Morgan played Quincy's mom, Nona McCall, in Love and Basketball.

How many signature ways by sidra batool?


Find the name of the gulf located just north of Libya's coast?

the Gulf of Sidre or it is also called the Gulf of Sitre or Gulf of Sidra

What is the population of Gmina Sidra?

The population of Gmina Sidra is 3,916.

When was Sidra Tower created?

Sidra Tower was created in 2009.

What is the meaning of name sidra?

The name Sidra is of Arabic origin and means "like a star" or "of the stars". It is often used to symbolize beauty, uniqueness, and brightness.

What was the girl named in love in basketball?

Love and basketball? The girl's name was Monica, guy was Quincy. She was played by Sanaa Lathan :) Great film!

What was sania lathan named in love and basketball?

Sanaa Lathan* played the older version of Monica Wright in the 2000 movie, Love and Basketball.

How old was Kayla pratt when she played in love and basketball?

She was about 13-14

What is the area of Gmina Sidra?

The area of Gmina Sidra is 173.96 square kilometers.