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Mariano Duncan played second base for the Phillies during the 1993 World Series.

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Q: Who played second base for the Phillies in 1993 World Series?
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How many times have the Phillies played in the World Series?

The Phillies have played in 7 World Series (1915, 1950, 1980, 1983, 1993, 2008,2009) and won twice (1980 and 2008).

How many World Series have the phillies won since 1900?

Since the first World Series played in 1903 the Philadelphia Phillies won two World Series titles. 1980, and 2008.

Who played in the 2008 World Series?

The Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Phillies won the Series, 4 games to 1.

Who are recent World Series participants?

The most recent World Series participants are the New York Yankees vs the Philladelphia Phillies in the 2009 World Series. The 2008 World Series the Phillies played the Tampa Bay Rays.

Who won more World Series Phillies or Yankees?

The Yankees have won more World Series by far, have won 26 out of the 39 they have played in before 2008.The Phillies have only won 2 out of the 6 World Series they have played in as of 2008

What team has played in the second most World Series?

The Dodgers have been in the second most World Series. They have played in 22 World Series and won 6.

When the Phillies won the World Series?

The Phillies won the 1980 and 2008 world series.

Who played in the 2009 World Series?

The Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

Who played in the World Series in 1993?

Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies.

When did the Phillies win their first World Series?

First in 1980The Philadelphia Phillies appeared in 8 World Series, losing in the years 1915, 1950, 1983, 1993, and 2009. After 77 years since the first World Series in 1903, The Phillies were the only team not to win a Title. The Phillies won Their first World Series title on October 21, 1980. They won their second world series in 2008.

Did the Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series 2 or more times?

Yes. The Phillies have 2 World Series victories, the first being in the 1980 Series over the Kansas City Royals. The second occured on October 29, 2008 when the Phillies defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 5 for a 4-1 Series win and their second world championship. The Phillies also made the World Series in 1915, 1950, 1983, and 1993 but lost each time.

When was the last time the New York Yankees played the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series?

The Yankees and Phillies last played each other in the 2009 World Series. The Yankees won, four games to two.

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