Who played raven?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: Who played raven?
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Who are in That's So Raven?

the characters in the tv show "thats so raven" are Chealsey, (played by anneliese van der Pol) Eddie, (played by Orlando Brown) Raven, (played by Raven Symone) Cory, (played by Kyle Massey) and Victor, (Raven's dad on the show played by Rondell Shieridan) - Raven

Who plays Chelsea in that's so raven?

Anneliese van der Pol Played Chelsea, one of the main characters in Disney's "Thats so Raven" And Raven Baxter, Is Played by Raven Symone.

What movie did Raven Symone play a role in?

Raven Symone played in College Road Trip

What is Raven's grandmother's name?

Raven Baxter from That's So Raven's grandmother is named Vivian. She was played by Jenifer Lewis and appeared in one episode.

What movie and television projects has Kai Li been in?

Kai Li has: Performed in "Mi wu yi yun" in 1974. Played Youth Karate Champion in "Island Son" in 1989. Played Mercenary in "Raven" in 1992. Played Black Dragon Ninja in "Raven" in 1992. Played Kimo in "Raven" in 1992. Played Murder Victim in "Raven" in 1992. Played Detective in "Honolulu CRU" in 1998. Played Ranger in "Lessons Learned" in 2000. Played Gou Jun Pei in "Wo hu cang long" in 2000.

Who played Monique in Kim Possible?


Who played galleria in the cheetah girls?

raven symone

Who played in Glee?

Sheila is portrayed by Raven Goodwin

Who played in That's So Raven?

Sydney Park

Who plays ivy on Good Luck Charlie?

Ivy is played by Raven Goodwin and She is Shelia in Glee.

What is the real name of raven's two friends in that's so raven?

Chelsea Daniels is played by Annelise Van Der Pol. Eddie Thomas is played by Orlando Brown.

Who played sheila in glee?

Sheila is portrayed by Raven Goodwin