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XXVIII Dallas Cowboys 30-13 Buffalo Bills

XXIX San Francisco 49ers 49-26 San Diego Chargers

XXX Dallas Cowboys 27-17 Pittsburgh Steelers

XXXI Green Bay Packers 35-21 New England Patriots

XXXII Denver Bronco 31-24 Green Bay Packers

XXXIII Denver Broncos 34-19 Atlanta Falcons

XXXIV St. Louis Rams 23-16 Tennessee Titan

XXXV Baltimore Raven 34-7 New York Giants

XXXVI New England Patriots 20-17 St. Louis Rams

XXXVII Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48-21 Oakland Raiders

XXXVIII New England Patriots 32-29 Carolina Panthers

XXXIX New England Patriots 24-21 Philadelphia Eagles

XL Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10 Seattle Seahawks

XLI Indianapolis Colts 29-17 Chicago Bears

XLII New York Giants 17-14 New England Patriots

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Q: Who played in the last 15 Super Bowls?
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How long have Super Bowls existed?

The Super bowl was first played on January 15, 1967.

How many Super bowls have there been and when was the first one?

the first was played on the 15 of January 1967 and as of 2011 there have been 45

How many former Kansas State football player have played in a super bowl?

15 former K-State players have been to super bowls, with 8 of them on the winning team.

How many Super Bowls have been tied at the end of the first?


How many super bowls have been tied at the end of the first quarter?


What teams were in Super Bowls XII and XIV?

Super Bowl XII -XIVThe Dallas Cowboys beat the Denver Broncos 27-10 in Super Bowl XII played on January 15, 1978.The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the LA Rams 27-10 in Super Bowl XIV played on January 20, 1980.

Who won the most Super Bowls in the past 15 years?

New England Patriots

Who won the 68th Super Bowl?

As of 2010, there have only been 44 Super Bowls. You'll have to wait 24 years or until 2034 before anyone can answer that with absolute certainty.

When was Super Bowl number 1 played?

Super Bowl I, was played on January 15, 1967.

Who played in the 1940 Super Bowl game?

The first Super Bowl was played January 15, 1967.

How many NFL championships do the Oakland Raiders have?

They have 9 World Series Championships and 15 American League Championships.

When was the Super Bowl started?

The Super Bowl was first played on January 15, 1967.