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Nobody has played in 5 major derby games. Nobody.

Ray Wilkins - Chelsea, Man Utd, AC Milan, Rangers and Hibs!

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Q: Who played in the Edinburgh derby Glasgow derby Manchester derby London derby Milan derby?
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Name the player who played in Glasgow Manchester London and Milan drebies?

No one has. not as far as i can tell anyway. Paul ince played in London Manchester Liverpool and milan derbies but not Glasgow. Craig bellamy played in Manchester, Liverpool London and Glasgow derbies. Andrei Kanchelskis played in Glasgow, Liverpool, and Manchester. Robbie Keane has played in London,Liverpool,milan,and Glasgow but not in Manchester. Patrick Viera has played in London, Milan, and Manchester derbies. As far as i can tell no one has yet.

You have played in derby matches in Manchester milan Glasgow London cup finals world cup who are you?

Ray Wilkins?

What player has played in a London derby and a Glasgow derby and a Manchester derby?

Ray Wilkins - Chelsea, Rangers and Man Utd

Who has played in a Glasgow Liverpool and Manchester derby?

Which four players have played in a Manchester derby mersey derby and a Glasgow derby

Which hotel did Manchester united stay in when they played Glasgow Celtic?

The Cameron House, Balloch

Did Vincent Kompany play for Glasgow Rangers?

No. He has played for Anderlecht, Hamburg and Manchester City.

Who has played in the dundee Edinburgh and Glasgow derby?

Dundee derby is Dundee United versus Dundee Edinburgh derby is Hibernian (Hibs) versus Heart Of Midlothian (Hearts) Glasgow derby is Glasgow Rangers versus Glasgow Celtic

Who played in the Manchester derby London derby Milan derby Glasgow derby?

The Manchester derby would be between Manchester United and Manchester City. The Milan derby would be between AC Milan and Inter Milan. The Glasgow derby would be between Celtic and Rangers There are 5-6 London teams in the English Premier League at any one time so lots of different derbies.

Do you know of Three players who have played in Glasgow Manchester liverpools derbys?

andri kanchelskis ,micheal ball

What player played the Manchester derby the Liverpool derby the Glasgow derby and scored in all of them?

Anti kanchelskis

A player who has played in a Glasgow derby Manchester derby and a Tyneside derby and currently plays in Scotland?

Liam miller

Which player has played in the Manchester derby North London derby Glasgow derby and Tyneside derby?

Bro you've got to be kidding me dont you know it's David Beckham