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USC and Texas

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Q: Who played in the 2006 Rose Bowl?
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What was the score of the Michigan vs USC Rose Bowl of 2006?

The 2006 Rose Bowl pitted the University of Texas and USC with Texas winning 41-38. USC and Michigan played in the 2004 Rose Bowl with USC winning 28-14.

What year was the first Rose Bowl played?

The first rose bowl was played in 1902

Who played in the 1914 Rose Bowl?

1914 rose bowl football

Did the University of Hawaii play in the Rose Bowl?

As of the 2008 Rose Bowl, the University of Hawaii has never played in a Rose Bowl game.

Where will the NCAA Division One Championship Game be played in 2006?

The game rotates between the four BCS bowl games (the Fiesta, Sugar, Orange and Rose, in that order). The game, which will be played in January 2006 (following the 2005 season) will be in Pasadena, California at the Rose Bowl. The game following the 2006 season (to be played in Jan. 2007) will be in Tempe, Arizona at the Fiesta Bowl. It's gonna be at the Rose Bowl. Geez, the Fiesta Bowl? I can't believe you typed that! To spice things up a bit, the championship next year will be played in Idaho in the Human Weedeater Bowl or whatever.

Was there a president that played in the Rose Bowl?


Which two teams played in the Rose Bowl in 2005?

The Texas Longhorns and the Michagan Wolverines played in the 2005 Rose Bowl

Who played in the 1977 Rose Bowl?

The 1977 Rose Bowl was played on January 1 and it was the 63rd Rose Bowl. The USC Trojans and the Michigan Wolverines are the teams that competed and the Trojans won.

When did NYU play in the Rose Bowl?

New York University has never played in a Rose Bowl.

Who played in the 1996 Rose Bowl?

USC defeated Northwestern, 41-32, in the 1996 Rose Bowl.

What team did the Longhorns beat in the 2006 Rose Bowl?


Where is the rose bowl played?

Pasadena, CA

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