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Gilbert perreault

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Q: Who played hockey for all three New York NHL teams?
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Who played hockey for all new York NHL teams?

pat lafontaine

What is the name of the New York hockey teams?

New York has 3 hockey teams: The New York Islanders, The New York Rangers and The Buffalo Sabres.

What are three major ice hockey teams?

Boston Bruins New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers

How many players have played for all three New York NHL Teams?

Martin Biron played for the Buffalo Sabres, the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers. Patty Lafontaine also played for all three New York Teams.

What hockey teams has Blair Betts played for?

The Canadian born hockey player Blair Betts has played professional hockey for the Prince George Cougars, the Calgary Flames, the New York Rangers, and the Philadelphia Flyers.

What hockey player's first name begins with the letter U?

Uwe Krupp played in the National Hockey League for the several teams including the Buffalo Sabres and New York Islanders.

What are all of New York's professional sports teams?

New York's professional baseball teams are : the Yankees and mets there football teams are : the jets and giants there hockey teams are : the rangers and the Islanders

What two new York teams played in the World Series?

The New York Giants, Yankees, Mets, and the Brooklyn Dodgers all played in the World Series. The New York Yankees the only American league team had played all three New York National League teams in the World Series.

What ice hockey teams play in New York?

In the NHL there are the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, and Buffalo Sabres.

Who were the original hockey teams?

boston new york detroit toronto montreal chicago

Original hockey teams?

the original six teams are: Toronto, Detroit, Montreal, Boston, New York rangers, and the Chicago blackhawks

What is Phil Esposito most well-known for?

Phil Esposito is a Canadian hockey player who is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Phil played a total of 18 seasons of professional hockey with teams such as the Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks and the New York Rangers.