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Andy Gray.

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Q: Who played for dundee united Aston villa wolves and everton?
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Who transferred from dundee united to Aston villa to wolves to everton?

Andy Gray.

Which player has played for dundee Aston villa wolves everton?

Football Commentator Andy Gray

What players played for everton and wolves?

Marcus Hannemann

What players have played for wolves and everton?

jolean lescott of the top of my head

What are the teams who have played in the premier league?

Arsenal Aston Villa Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool Bolton Wonders Chelsea Everton Fulham Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle Stoke City Sunderland Tottenham West Brom West Ham United Wigan Wolves

Name any players who have played for Manchester united and wolves?


Footballer who played for Leicester Manchester united and wolves?

Nick Barnaby

Who did Andy gray play for?

Andy Gray played for Aston Villa, Wolves and Everton. He got sacked on 25/01/11 at 16:35 for saying "Women do not know the offside rules".

Who are Bolton Wanderers rivals?

Manchester United is the big one, others are Blackburn, Wigan, Wolves and Tranmere. Honerable mentions go to Everton and Man City...... Bury consider Bolton as rivals but this feeling is not reciprocated....!

Which teams play football in orange?

HOME KITS: Hull city, blackpool, Barnet, dundee utd, wolves, Newport county....... there maybe a few more?

Are there wolves in the Amazon?

I believe wolves only inhabit Russia, Canada, and parts of the United States and Europe.

What was thescore last time peterborough united played wolves?

They last met in what is now the Championship - it was a 1-1 draw at Molineux in April 1994.

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