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One of the players who played for both arsenal and Liverpool is Nikolas Anelka ( also played for chelsea , West Brom )

Another Player is Yossi Bennoyoun

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Q: Who played for both arsenal and Liverpool in the premier league?
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Has henchov won the premier league?

No! He played for Liverpool

If You win the premier league and the FA cup will the community shield come to you automatically?

No - usually it's the League runners-up who take part instead (as in 2002, when double winners Arsenal played Liverpool).

Which overseas players have scored goals for 5 different premier league clubs?

Nicolas Anelka has played and scored for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea.

Which everton players have played for Liverpool in the premier league?

Nicky Barmby

Who has played for Liverpool and man utd in the premier league?

Michael Owen.

What premier league clubs have played in every season?

It has to be Arsenal, Gunners for Life.

Has david villa ever played for Liverpool?

No. He has never played in the English Premier League.

How many years man utd played in top division?

only about 30 years or so they only have been in the premier league ever since it started like Arsenal,Liverpool,everton and Aston villa

Did kevin kegan play premier league football?

yes he played for newcatle liverpool and more

Which Liverpool players past or present have premier league winners medal?

Paul Ince - played with Manchester United and Liverpool Glenn Johnson - Played with Chelsea and Liverpool Kenny Dalglish - Managed Blackburn and played with Liverpool

Name as many players as u can that have played in the champions league with two or more English premier league teams?

Juan Sebastian Veron (Manchester United and Chelsea) Craig Bellamy (Newcastle and Liverpool) Ashley Cole (Arsenal and Chelsea) William Gallas (Chelsea and Arsenal) Alan Shearer (Blackburn and Newcastle)

How many times have tottenham beat arsenal in premier league?

Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal have played each other thirty-six times in the Premier League. Tottenham have won six of these matches, Arsenal fourteen, and there have been sixteen draws.