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Chris Sutton he retired after injuring his eyesight playing for Aston villa

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Q: Who played for Norwich Blackburn Chelsea Celtic Birmingham Aston Villa?
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Who are five players who have played for three different British teams in the Champions League?

henning berg (man utd, blackburn, rangers) chris sutton (celtic, blackburn, chelsea) david batty (newcastle, leeds, blackburn) nicolas anelka (chelsea, liverpool, arsenal)

Who transfered from balckburn to Chelsea to Celtic?

chris sutton

How many Chelsea players played for Celtic?

not many

Who has signed from Chelsea to Celtic?

Jiri Jarosik Jiri Jarosik

Players that have won English and scottish premiership medals?

Giovanni Van Bronkhurst ( Rangers and Arsenal) Colin Hendry (Rangers and Blackburn) Henrik Larson (Celtic and Man Utd) Roy Keane (Celtic and man Utd) Chris Sutton (Celtic and Blackburn) Andrei Kanchelskis ? (Rangers and man utd)

Who has the biggest global fanbase Chelsea or Celtic?

Chelsea ---------------------- Not a chance. Celtic has more supporter clubs than any football club on the planet. The strength of Celtic's support is due to the Scottish and Irish diaspora all over the world. The only team's that come close to Celtic's worldwide fan base is Manchester United and Liverpool.

Who played for Liverpool Chelsea and Celtic?

Paul ince craig burley Paul mcstay

What 6 premiership teams has Craig bellamy scored for?

Liverpool, blackburn, Newcastle, west ham, man city and Celtic (spl)

How many premiership clubs has bellemy played for?

Craig Bellamy has played in the Premiership for Coventry City, Newcastle United, Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United, and currently Manchester City. He has also played for Norwich City in the then 1st Division (now Championship) and Celtic (on loan from Newcastle). He also represents Wales in international football.

Name 10 players that have played for Celtic and Chelsea?

tom boyd, davie hay, chris sutton

What player has won the Premier league and then the Scottish Premier league the following season?

Jiri Jarosik - with Chelsea and Celtic

Is Celtic the best team on fifa 09?

yes they are the best team ever , even better the the scummy mob called chelsea.

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