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Q: Who played for Newcastle spurs and middlesborough?
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Who is played in local derbys of inter milan a c milan and Newcastle middlesborough and arsenal spurs and Liverpool everton?

Christian Ziege.

What 4 players have played in arsenal v spurs everton v Liverpool and Newcastle v middlesborough derbies?

Paul Gascoigne Nicky Barmby Cristian Ziege David Ginola

What city is close to Newcastle?

Durham, Sunderland, Middlesborough.

Will Newcastle beat Middlesborough and stay in the Premiership?

It will be a tough match but i think to be honest Newcastle will win and stay up and hull will drop down

Who is the only player to score in the Milan Derby as well as the Mersyside Munich North London and Newcastle Middlesborough derbies?

No such player has played and scored in such derbies.

Which team is better Newcastle or spurs?


Who has played in Arsenal vs Spurs Man Utd vs Man City Liverpool vs Everton and Newcastle vs Sunderland?

robbie keane

Who is the Egyptian soccer forward that played for tottenham and middlesborough?


Who is only player to play in merseyside derbysliverpool v everton middlesborough v Newcastle tottenham v arsenal?

Paul Stewart, for Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Tottenham.

Who has played for Chelsea Liverpool and Middlesborough?

Bolo Zenden has played for all those clubs. He is currently at Sunderland.

Has Nicholas Anelka played for Newcastle or Sunderland?


Which foreign player has played for three English premier league clubs?

Ginola (Newcastle, Spurs, Villa) Solano (Newcastle, Villa, West Ham) Anelka (Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Bolton, Chelsea) Hamann (Liverpool, Newcastle, Man City) Diarra (Arsenal, Chelsea, Portsmouth) There must be loads more....