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Vivian Richards.

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Q: Who played both cricket and football world cup qualifying rounds?
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Who was played football and cricket both world cup?

Viv Richards played Test cricket for the West Indies between 1974/75 and 1991, and also played in the qualifying rounds of the Football World Cup for Antigua, playing in the qualifying rounds for the 1974 FIFA World Cup.

Who captained England durind some of their qualifying mataches for 2010 world cup?

Rio Ferdinand was the captain for the English national association football team throughout the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying rounds.

Number ofolympic basket teams in the qualifying rounds?

about 50

How many FA Cup Elimination rounds?

There are a total of 14 rounds in the competition - six qualifying rounds, followed by six further rounds (the "proper" rounds), semi-finals, and the final.

How do you get in the Olympics?

You need to get up to the qualifying standard, which means intense training. You also need to get with a team and attend all the qualifying rounds and do well in them.

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It is the verb. It is the past tense and past participle form of the verb to play.John plays tennis. Last year he played in the qualifying rounds of the U.S. Open tournament, but he didn't get very far!

Which sport is more popular in the world football or soccer?

i am a massive football fan but in truth soccer is a lot bigger than football. soccer Is played in pretty much every country around the globe and loved. The world cup qualifier's of soccer this year had 139 countries enter the competition in the qualifying rounds. Football doesn't even have a world cup because not enough counties play it. yes soccer is played in many countries. so soccer i would say is more popular... but a lot of us like football better.

How long does snooker championship last?

Different tournaments last different times. There is also pre-qualifying rounds to enable players to get to the final stages. The World Snooker Championship normally runs for 17 days, but that does not include the pre-qualifying rounds. It is the longest of the main tournaments.

Does every country compete in the Olympic games?

no...they have qualifying rounds before the actual olympics, to determine who and who is not going to qualify for the olypics.

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Doesn't it depend on the indiviual score relative to those playing in the tour qualifying rounds?