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Micheal Jordan

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Q: Who played basketball and baseball at the same time?
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Can you participate in basketball and baseball and the same time?


Can you play basketball and baseball at the same time?

Yes, basketball ends in the middle of february, right when baseball starts.

What day all sports are played?

its not possible all the seasons are just a bit too far apart for them all to be played at the same time. The only sports to be played at one point in the season at the same time are Baseball-Football-Soccer and Basketball-Hockey-Football

What did people do in their free time in the 1940s?

The people in the 1940's mainly listened to music in their free time. Some played baseball, football, and basketball.

Is it a violation in basketball when 2 players from the same team are holding the basketball at the same time?

Yes. It is a walk

If a tennis ball and a basketball are droped at the same time which will hit the ground first?

At the same time

What sport is played in Antarctica in the Autumn Time?

Answer : They play basketball

When was the last time Michael Jordan played basketball?


What time of year is this basketball played?

all year round

Where did Jacki Robinson go to collage?

Jackie Robinson went to college at UCLA. He played track, baseball, football, and basketball. One time he had a track meet at a certain time, and had a baseball game an hour later and some how played at least half of both sports.

What is the most sold basketball jersey of all time?

soccer and baseball

Is Basketball as entertainment?

Basketball is entertainment, also it's a sport so you can exercise and have fun at the same time.

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