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Zinedine Zidane

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Q: Who played as an attacking midfielder and playmarker for the french national team juventus and real Madrid?
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What position was zico?

Zico was a legend playmaker/ attacking midfielder for Flamengo for Brazil national team, Zico played as forward

What is David Silva famous for?

David Silva was born on January 8, 1986. He is a Spanish footballer and plays for the Spanish National Team. He is known for playing an attacking midfielder.

What is the nickname for Ibrahim Afellay?

'Ibi' is the nickname for Ibrahim Afellay [b. April 2, 1986], attacking midfielder and winger for PSV [Philips Sport Vereniging of Eindhoven] and for the Dutch national football team.

What is Rafael van der Vaart's nickname?

'Rafi' and 'VdV' are nicknames for Rafael van der Vaart [b. February 11, 1983], attacking midfielder with Real Madrid and with the Dutch national football team.

In which football team does play Pavel Nedved?

National team: Czech Republic Club: Juventus

What is the nickname for Stefanus Johannes Schaars?

'Stijn' is the nickname for Stefanus Joahnnes Schaars [b. January 11, 1984], midfielder and captain for AZ Eredivisie and midfielder for the Dutch national football team.

Who is DelPiero?

An Italian soccer player, he plays for the national team and Juventus of Itay who are in Serie A.yes he is a well known Italian soccer player, he is my fav scince i was like 5 and juventus is my fav team.

Is Pele a midfielder?

A Brazilian, Pele was an inside forward for the national team. He played from 1957 and retired in the early 1970s.

What are the names of soccer players in England national team in 2006?

During 2006 the England team were Paul Robinson (Goalkeeper at Tottenham Hotspur) David James (Goalkeeper at Portsmouth) Scott Carson (Goalkeeper Liverpool) Gary Neville (Defender at Manchester Utd) Ashley Cole (Left Back at Chelsea) Wayne Bridge ( Left back at Chelsea) John Terry (defender at Chelsea) Rio Ferdinand (Defender Manchester Utd) Sol Campbell (Defender at Portsmouth) Jamie Carragher (Defender at Liverpool) David Beckham (Midfielder at Real Madrid) Aaron Lennon (Midfielder at Tottenham) Joe Cole (Midfielder at Chelsea) Stewart Downing (Midfielder at Middlesborough) Frank Lampard (Midfielder at Chelsea) Steven Gerrard ( Midfielder at Liverpool) Michael Carrick (midfielder Man Utd) Jemaine Jenas (Midfielder at Tottenham) Owen Hargreaves (Midfielder of Bayern Munich) Wayne Rooney (Striker at Man utd) Michael Owen (Striker at Newcastle Utd) Peter Crouch (striker at Liverpool) Theo Walcott (striker at Arsenal)

Who is the worlds best attacking player in football?

Lionel Messi is. He plays for FCBarcelona and Argentina National team.

What is 'kakรก' when translated from Portuguese to English?

"Ricky" is an English equivalent of the Portuguese name Kaká. The diminutive most famously references Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (born Thursday, April 22, 1982), attacking midfielder for the Brazil national team and for the Orlando City Major Soccer League team. The pronunciation will be "ka-KA" for the nickname and "hee-KAH-doo" for the forename in Cariocan Brazilian and in continental Portuguese.

What is the nickname for Orlando Engelaar?

'Ollie' is the nickname for Orlando Engelaar [b. August 24, 1979], center midfielder for the Dutch Eredivisie club PSV and for the Dutch national football team.